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Discover the magic of spruce!

Did you know how wonderfully diverse spruce trees (Picea abies) are? Here are a couple of great reasons why we adore spruce:

Spruce sprouts – true super food: Rich in vitamin C, A and K, and antioxidants, spruce sprouts are known to enhance health and overall well-being. Young spruce sprouts infuse food and drinks with a delightful citrusy and herbal note. Try them for example in salads, fish dishes, soups, desserts, or for seasoning beverages and bread. Right now, is the short 2-3 weeks season to harvest these treasures in Finland, making it the perfect time to indulge in this natural bounty.

Rejuvenating log saunas: For centuries, Finns have revered spruce and pine logs for their sauna construction. The natural strength and beauty of spruce wood creates a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. With its inherent antibacterial properties, spruce ensures a safe and healthy sauna experience, stimulating all the senses. Moreover, when utilized in log saunas and other constructions, and properly constructed to endure, spruce serves as a vital carbon sink, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Festive delight with Christmas trees: And yes, we should not forget that spruce trees symbolize the heart of the holiday season and infuse our homes with a festive ambiance and the nostalgic scent of the forest.

From its nutritional benefits to its soothing properties and timeless charm, spruce enriches our lives in countless ways. Spruce embodies joy and well-being, whether in the form of nature´s super food, serene sauna experiences, or festive holiday traditions.

Evergreen spruce is the second most common tree species in Finland after pine. It grows wild throughout the country, except for the northernmost fell region. Forests cover more than 75 percent of Finland's land area making Finland relatively the most forested country in Europe.


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