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Valentine´s Month Special Promotion

February is Valentine's Month. ❤️ It is time to pamper that special one in your life. And to treat yourself too. There is no better way to cherish your VIP and yourself than with genuine Finnish sauna, for a lifetime of pleasure and health benefits.

At Hetki we want to celebrate Valentine's Month with a special promotion brought to you in collaboration with Rento. When you order a Hetki sauna during February, you get a comprehensive package of wonderful Rento sauna products as a gift.

The Valentine´s Month gift package includes the following high-quality Rento sauna products:

- Bath robe Kenno 2 pcs

- Sauna pillow Pino black 50 x 22 cm design by Anna Säteri

- Sauna seat cover Pino black 50 x 150 cm design by Anna Säteri

- Sauna scents 3 pcs x 10 ml and holder

- Sauna ladle steel/wood design by Harri Koskinen

- Sauna pail steel/wood design by Harri Koskinen

We wish you and your loved ones, and all sauna enthusiasts, a happy Valentine's Month!

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