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Onni represents simple and modern elegance. The black color creates a strong contrast with light surfaces. The material of the benches, heat-treated alder, increases the attractiveness of the sauna. The Narvi Peak stove convinces with its appearance and its large amount of stones.

Hetki Sauna Onni

  • Floor Plan: Right or left

    Exterior colour: Black

    Interior wall colour: Black

    Ceiling: heat treated alder

    Floor: Pine, black

    Sauna benches: L-beches, heat treated alder plank

    Backrest: heat treated alder

    Interior lightning: dimmable LED light strips under the bench and behind the backrest

    Exterior lightning: LED light strip above the door

    Electric heater: Narvi Peak 10,5kW (or a heater recommended by your local Hetki dealer)

    Door: Glass panel door

    Window: Large, clear