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Tauko is dark on the outside and invitingly light on the inside. You can choose black, gray or natural color as the color of the benches. The glass panel door creates a sense of openness in the space. Narvi Saana Black pillar stove combines excellent sauna experience with an elegant design.

Hetki Sauna Tauko

  • Floor Plan: Right or left

    Exterior colour: Black

    Interior wall colour: Naturel

    Ceiling: Spruce, naturel

    Floor: Pine, naturel

    Sauna benches: L-beches, spruce plank (naturel, black, light grey)

    Backrest: Spruce, naturel

    Interior lightning: dimmable LED light strips under the bench and behind the backrest

    Exterior lightning: LED light strip above the door

    Electric heater: Narvi Saana Black 9kW (or a heater recommended by your local Hetki dealer)

    Door: Glass panel door

    Window: Large, clear