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Will the sauna arrive to my site completely ready-to-use?

Yes, it will. A ready-to-use Hetki sauna is transported to your plot by lorry and lifted by forklift truck or crane onto the foundations in the desired location. All you need to do is reserve a suitable place for the sauna, make light foundations, arrange for the sauna to be connected to the mains and finally stack the stones in the heater.


Does a Hetki sauna require a building permission?

Such a small building often does not require a building permission, but it depends on the municipality/city, so you should check with your local authorities. Your Hetki reseller can also help you.


What kind of preparations do I need to make in my site?

A Hetki sauna needs a flat and solid surface. A sauna should be off the ground so the wooden parts do not come into contact with the moisture from the ground. We recommend pier foundations under the sauna, and we can provide you with instructions on how to make them. You will need an electrician on site to connect the sauna to the mains. Our reseller will be happy to help you with this as well.




Can I choose any electric heater for the sauna?

The options we offer include several high-quality Finnish electric heaters. Our reseller can also suggest other great options that may suit you.


Do Hetki saunas come in an infrared version?

No, they do not. Hetki saunas are traditional Finnish saunas in which water can be thrown onto the hot stones in the heater. The steam is an integral part of the sauna experience and a health benefit of the sauna.


How do I choose the colour, bench design and lighting for my sauna?

You can use the design tool on our website to explore the different options and then send us a request for a quote. Alternatively, you can contact one of our resellers directly. They will be happy to advise you so you can have a sauna that suits your needs and preferences perfectly.


Can I choose any colour for the exterior and interior?

Yes, in principle. Standard colours are included in the price for a standard product content. Other colours cost a little more. We will do our best to ensure that the colour of your sauna matches the colour of your house, for example, but please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee a perfect match for reasons such as that colours look different on different surfaces.


Can you make me a sauna according to my measurements?

The dimensions of the building, the window and the door cannot be changed, but you are free to choose the colour, bench model and accessories for your sauna, and the number of options is large.


Is it possible to buy a Hetki sauna as a DYI kit?

No, it is not. Hetki saunas are always delivered turnkey. This way we can guarantee you the best sauna experience. You will also save yourself the hassle and problems of DYI kits.




How many bathers does a Hetki sauna seat?

A Hetki sauna can seat up to 4-6 people at a time. The benches are 60 cm wide, so you can also comfortably lie down.


How long does it take for a Hetki sauna to heat up?

A Hetki sauna takes about 45 minutes to heat up, depending on the target temperature. This is the time that the stove stones take to become perfectly hot for soft steam.


Are the stove stones included in the price?

Yes, they are. Stove stones are included in the price but are not placed in the stove, so as to prevent their weight damaging the stove during transport.


Can resin leak from the walls or ceiling panels?

Yes, some resin may run, and it is also possible that the wooden surfaces show slight discolouration over time as it is a natural material.


Has energy efficiency been taken into account in Hetki saunas?

Yes, it has. In a sauna, the heat rises from the bottom up. This is why the ceiling of Hetki saunas is suitably low, which speeds up heating and saves energy. The ceiling also has moisture-proof 50 mm thermal insulation that prevents heat loss. The thick log walls insulate heat and do not need separate thermal insulation.


What does it mean that a log wall is breathable?

Breathability is often, mistakenly, thought to be the wall’s ability to transfer moisture from indoors out and vice versa. What is important, however, is the structure’s ability to balance humidity. The rising humidity in the sauna must get inside the logs and come back out to humidify the air. The logs, thus, even out the variation in humidity and prevent moisture from staying in the structure.


Is a Hetki sauna well ventilated?

Yes, it is. When you buy a Hetki sauna, you can be sure that you have good ventilation in your sauna. Correctly dimensioned ventilation ensures oxygen-rich fresh air and a pleasant sauna experience.


Why are the sauna benches mounted in two tiers?

The heat rises up and the temperature is higher nearer the ceiling, while it is cooler at floor level. With benches at different levels, you can choose a temperature that is comfortable for you.


Does the sauna’s log frame settle?

The frame is made of sturdy, 88-mm thick laminated logs. Wood is a natural material and therefore shrinks and swells a little bit. Thus the log frame of your Hetki sauna can settle a little, but this is normal. There are threaded rods inside the logs that need to be tightened at regular intervals: a couple of times in the first year and once a year after that. When the threaded rods are tightened regularly, the logs remain straight.


What is the high quality of Hetki saunas based on?

Hetki saunas are hand-made in Finland by people whose skills are based on ancient Finnish sauna building methods. The materials and accessories have passed strict screening and quality control processes. Hetki saunas are designed and built to last for decades.


Do Hetki saunas require maintenance?

A Hetki sauna requires relatively little maintenance. Regular care and cleaning will keep your sauna beautiful and fresh and help it stay in good condition. Ventilate the sauna after use to remove any moisture. Thoroughly clean the surfaces once or twice a year, depending on how often you use your sauna. Instructions for use and maintenance are delivered with the sauna, and you can also find them here.


Are Hetki saunas safe?

Safety has been taken into account in the design and all stages of manufacture of the sauna. The log structure of the sauna is firesafe, for example. The glue used in the laminated timber does not contain any solvents and has been proven not to release any harmful emissions to the indoor air. The same applies to all wooden surface treatments, which are all specifically made for saunas.


toimitus hinta takuu

Delivery, price, warranty


How long is the delivery time for the Hetki sauna?

A typical delivery time is two to three months. Your sauna will be hand-built on the basis of your order, exactly to your specifications.


How much does a Hetki sauna cost?

Prices for turnkey Hetki saunas start at about EUR 15000 – 16000 + applicable VAT + freight. The price depends on the accessories for the sauna. Our reseller will be happy to give you an exact quote.


What kind of warranty does a Hetki sauna come with?

Hetki saunas are designed and built to last for decades. You can read more about our warranty terms here.

saunominen yleisesti

Sauna bathing in general


What is a sauna?

The basic idea of the sauna has remained the same for centuries. A sauna is usually a room or building made of timber that is heated to the bathers’ preferred temperature using a wood-fired or electric stove. A sauna is primarily intended for relaxation. The word ‘sauna’ is the most widely used Finnish loanword in languages around the world.


What is a suitable temperature and humidity in a sauna?

The ideal temperature and humidity are matters of taste. Most people prefer to bathe in a sauna that is 60–90oC. Choose the temperature you find most comfortable. You can find the temperature and humidity you like by adjusting the temperature and throwing water onto the stove.


How often should I have a sauna?

You can have a sauna as often as you like and that it feels good to do so. Finnish people usually have a sauna 1–3 times a week, but some have one every day.


How long can you stay in the sauna at a time?

You can enjoy the steam for as long as it feels comfortable. Normally people stay in the sauna for 5–20 minutes at a time, then they go out to cool down and return to enjoy the warmth of the sauna.


Are there any rules for sauna bathing?

There are no absolute rules for sauna bathing. Just sit back and relax and enjoy the feeling of wellbeing that the sauna provides. If the sauna does not feel comfortable, it is not the right way to be in the sauna.


Is sauna suitable for everyone?

Bathing in a sauna speeds up the blood flow and heart rate, so people with heart conditions should observe their bodies while in the sauna and consult a doctor if necessary. The sauna is not recommended for people who have a temperature.



Are you planning to have a sauna in your outdoor space? Would you like to learn more about our saunas and the many possibilities? Contact one of our resellers. They are sauna specialists and happy to help.

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