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Hetki Finland was born from Janne Oksanen's idea to spread traditional Finnish wellness culture to the world, one sauna at a time. The first Hetki saunas saw the light of day in the spring of 2021 out of love for log building craftsmanship and saunas.

Originally from Jyväskylä, Central Finland, Oksanen lived abroad with his wife and four children for 14 years. Work took the family from one country to another, e.g. to the Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia.


"For Finns, sauna is a very important place to relax. I missed that experience when living abroad. I then lived through rush years of my life. The work and family kept me busy. The pressures felt heavy at times. As a counterbalance, I longed to pause, rest, take a breath – enjoy the warmth and mystical atmosphere of a sauna," says Oksanen.


After the family moved back to Finland, Oksanen made a big decision in his life. He decided to fulfill his long-time dream and start as an entrepreneur. Oksanen gathered a team of experienced sauna masters around him and started developing the idea of ​​a log sauna offered to European customers.


Hetki Finland was founded in the middle of forests and lakes in Rantasalmi. To a place where world-class wood material and craftsmen are close at hand.


From the beginning, there were three main ideas for the company. First of all, the sauna must respect traditions, and the quality of the materials and work should not be compromised. Secondly, customers must be able to select the equipment, colors and materials for the sauna according to their preferences. Thirdly, getting a sauna must be made very easy for the customer. The sauna is made to order and transported to the customer's yard completely ready, so that the customer only needs to connect the sauna to the power.


"I wanted to make purchasing a sauna as easy as possible for the customer. The sauna is compact in size, so it can fit even in a small yard. And since the customer gets their sauna completely ready, they don't have to worry about construction works and the possibility of mistakes."


Oksanen and his team's idea of ​​a courtyard sauna has proven to be a success. Hetki saunas are delivered at an accelerating pace to satisfied customers all over Europe. Well-being, sustainablity, quality and the appearance of the sauna appeal to the customers.


"I've really enjoyed every moment. The best thing is the overwhelmingly positive feedback we've received. It really motivates us and shows that we're on the right track."

Map of Finland, the home of saunas, the home of Hetkisauna
Sketch illustrating how you may customize your Hetkisauna according to your liking
Hetkisauna in a garden backyard in Austria

"The best thing is the overwhelmingly positive feedback we've received. It really motivates us and shows that we're on the right track."

Janne Oksanen

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