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Lepo got its inspiration and its beautiful gray exterior color scheme from the dried up trees found in Finnish natural forests. You can decorate the courtyard building into a comfortable space for winding down, a work space or even a guest house. It works as an independent unit or as a great pair for either Hetki Sauna or Hetki Sauna Plus.

Hetki Cabin Lepo

  • Floor Plan: Right or left

    Exterior colour: Light grey

    Interior wall colour: Naturel

    Ceiling: Hand carved aspen

    Floor: Pine, naturel

    Radiator: Ensto Tupa 500 W, 200x1100 mm

    Interior lightning: Three dimmable LED light strips, ceiling light

    Exterior lightning: LED light strip above the door

    Sockets: two sockets inside, 1 socket outside

    Door: Glass panel door

    Window: Large, clear